Daily Progress Endorsement

Today, I received the endorsement of The Daily Progress.  The endorsement can be found online here and is reproduced in its entirety below.  I thank The Daily Progress for their kind words and support!!

“It’s Slutzky for Rio”

This is one of the toughest election decisions this newspaper has ever had to face. No finer civic servant could be found than Rodney Thomas, a genuinely good man who has dedicated countless hours to the betterment of this community. Albemarle and Charlottesville are immeasurably better because of his efforts. The county Board of Supervisors could use his knowledge, compassion and insight.

But only one person can be elected from the Rio District. And we believe that person should be David Slutzky.

Yes, Mr. Slutzky is controversial. Yes, he makes false steps. Yes, he sometimes seeks to lead where few are ready to follow.  But he is a courageous man and a brilliant thinker. It is rare to find someone so willing to try new approaches at the risk of public misunderstanding and disapproval.

For this very reason, the board needs him. He brings a totally unique viewpoint that adds to the insights which, in total, make up county government.

What’s more, he has been tempered and seasoned by his first term in office. He has been called arrogant, but we find him more willing to discuss differences and reach consensus than most people give him credit for.

This newspaper has been among the most vocal critics of some of his ideas, and we will continue to oppose those notions that we consider wrong. But it is good for the county, good for debate, good for democracy and good for pro-gress to have someone like David Slutzky in the mix.

He’s willing to take risks to bring us all some fresh insights. Whether we ultimately adopt them or not, we have new ideas to sharpen our thinking.


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