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Bob McAdams Meet & Greet

September 30, 2009

A huge thank you to Bob McAdams for hosting a fantastic meet and greet for me at his lovely Williamsburg Road home on Monday evening.

I was excited to share the work I’ve been doing on the Board for the past few years with you, as well as listen to your thoughts and concerns about the future of Albemarle.  We had an engaging discussion on topics from the proper role of eminent domain in local government to the parallel road and transit improvements that I have been working hard to incorporate in to the Places29 master plan.

Again, a huge thank you to both Bob and to everyone who took time out of their evenings to come and share your ideas with me!


Dunlora Meet & Greet

September 28, 2009

This evening, Denise Lunsford and Richard Brewer hosted a fantastic neighborhood meet and greet for me at their home in the Dunlora neighborhood.

A great, engaged crowd and I talked about my efforts to preserve Albemarle’s rural area, as well as how the Board can best protect rural wealth while simultaneously maintaining our County’s pristine beauty and protect its delicate ecological systems.  I was thrilled to hear your reactions to my positions on this issue, both positive and concerned, as well as your thoughts on where you’d like to see Albemarle move in the future.

We also talked extensively about my position on the water issues currently facing Albemarle County.  I’m glad I got the opportunity to explain my position on this and other critical and complicated issues to those in attendance, and thank everyone who was able to make it for their thoughtful insights and opinions.

Earlysville Meet and Greet

September 22, 2009

Last night, Don and Meg Franco graciously hosted a neighborhood meet and greet for me at their home.

We talked about my efforts to preserve the rural area of the County over the past four years, and how best the Board of Supervisors can encourage “smart growth” in the designated growth area in the future. We even had a farmer in attendance, so it was great to hear everyone’s different perspectives on what mattered most to them.

We also talked about the importance of fully funding public education and police officers. One gentleman said his son is a police officer in the community and it takes him 40 minutes to get to a call sometimes, because he and his fellow officers are spread so thin.