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Stonehenge Meet and Greet

August 20, 2009

Amo Gunsallus hosted a great meet and greet this past Tuesday. Some of the attendees were surprised that I could help them out on some of their particular neighborhood issues. My constituents should always feel free to call me–if an issue is important to them, it’s important to me!


Recap of Carrsbrook Meet and Greet

August 13, 2009

This past Monday, Jane and Stirling Williamson and Joe and Nancy Mason hosted a wonderful neighborhood meet and greet for me. There was great turnout from all types of voters, from Democratic to Republican to Independent.

We talked about some of the tough, complex issues facing the County, like how the Board is handling the economic downturn and what to do to alleviate the traffic on 29.  The members of the neighborhood were very receptive to some of the proposals I have spearheaded, such as the grant Charlottesville-Albemarle won that will bring at least 1,600 new green jobs to the area. I also appreciated hearing their thoughts and suggestions on these issues.

Looking forward to the next meet and greet in Stonehenge this upcoming Tuesday. Be sure to check our campaign calendar on the website for events we’re having.